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What is Hung Up?

Hung Up is the weekly newsletter from Hunter Harris. I write for magazines and websites and TV, too.

Previously, I was a staff writer at Vulture and New York Magazine. There, I wrote about movies and music and pop culture: I went to Tuscany with the cast of Succession, had coffee at a cat cafe with Jason Derulo.

I’ve profiled Zendaya, Regina King, Haim, Charlie Puth, Keke Palmer, and Sharon Stone. I ranked the men of Insecure and am thrilled by all the drama leading up to those Avatar sequels.

Hung Up is everything else: essays, interviews, recommendations, reviews, gossip, line readings, love notes, cool shit.

Why is Hung Up?

The premise of Hung Up, and the inspiration behind the name, is that I am drawn to the idea of personal obsessions. A lot of my writing has been about cataloging mine and others’: why every teen in every movie wants to go to Yale, why you’d make a ventriloquist dummy of your celebrity crush, the Pirates of the Caribbean line that I’ve been thinking about for seventeen years, Elle Fanning barefoot at LAX, Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’m curious about the movies and songs and people we are hung up on, and I like asking enough silly questions until we can figure out why. I’m just as nosey about hang-ups — the preoccupations we just can’t seem to get out from under. I was happy doing this at Vulture, but four years is a lot of time to spend at one place, or whatever, and going independent gives me a lot more control over my work life. Hung Up lets me do everything you know and love — or maybe will know and will love — and it also allows me to pursue other writing projects, like freelancing for magazines and writing scripts.

Who Reads Hung Up?

The extremely-online and the extremely-with taste: readers, writers, agents, publicists, at least two movie stars, and my middle school boyfriend.


If you like Hung Up a lot — or even if you like it just a little — please subscribe! It’s thee way to support me and this newsletter, to have new posts sent directly to your inbox, and to have something to brag about to your friends. (Don’t you want to be the person who replies to the chat like, “Imagine thinking I haven’t seen that yet…”) 

Media is a weird and unstable industry, so I’m trying something new here: Hung Up is just me and you and my meme folder. Whether you have a paid subscription or a free one, I’m thrilled you’re here.

What else?

I mean, I think that’s it…? I tweet here, and I post pictures of my face here.

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